“Lost Boy” by Ruth B


Photo used with permission by gomoxie.org.

Vine has created stars out of many, from Cameron Dallas, King Bach, and Shawn Mendes, and Ruth B is no exception with her overnight hit, Lost Boy, which attracted over 100,000 viewers in mere hours. However, what’s so special about her single, Lost Boy?

This song is a metaphor. It is about Peter Pan, and him guiding this little girl to Neverland. Peter Pan is a boy who embodies innocence and imorality. The reason why he never grows up, according to the song, is because he leads dying children to Neverland (Heaven). Peter Pan took them on adventures to conquer fear, and once they reach Neverland, they are fearless and peaceful. Peter Pan is the person who leads you through dark times, when you find yourself at your lowest, when the walls are crumbling on you. In times like these, people look for ways to run away from their problems, distractions from their sorrows.

This song certainly makes me rethink my priorities and I feel more grateful. The “Lost Boy” has seen many children who suffer from many things, and he is their guiding light, to show them that at the end, everything will be O.K. When Ruth B sings “ I am lost boy from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan”, she is singing about how she finally feels accepted by her someone, her guardian, accepting her for who she is, and welcoming her with open arms. The song’s melody suits the lyrics perfectly, giving the song a calm soothing presence that would make anyone just cuddle up with some hot chocolate and look out the window. And Ruth B’s voice is just smooth and creamy, soothing the wounds that others have left. She has somewhat of an uplifting voice that reminds us how everything is going to be O.K, and how everything will be fine.


With this electric single, it’s obvious Ruth B has made herself another famous viner, and she’s only just getting started.