Thanks, Tom Brady


Laura Nicolescu

Houston’s NRG stadium, where Super Bowl LI was held.

Laura Nicolescu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The climactic event of the 2016-17 football season, Super Bowl LI, took place at Houston’s NRG Stadium on Sunday. Whether you watched it for the game, for the commercials, or to please your significant other, it did not disappoint.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators filled the stands to witness the Atlanta Falcons play against the New England Patriots in a riveting game. For those that didn’t watch (and somehow don’t know it yet), the Patriots were down 25 in the third quarter, then miraculously tied up the game until Tom Brady pulled off an amazing comeback in overtime to win the whole thing for the second time in a row. This was the fifth Lombardi Trophy for the Patriots as a product of the biggest comeback for an NFL team in super bowl history.

The halftime show featured Lady Gaga starting her number on the roof of the stadium, then swooping down to perform a medley of her hits. The performance was, in fact, the second most watched since halftime shows during the super bowl began in 1967 (after Katy Perry’s 2015 spectacle).

Commercials featured political statements from Budweiser describing a prejudice against its German founder when he first came to America, and on the lighter side, a dancing Justin Bieber promoting T-Mobile.

While there were no puppy-monkey-babies to haunt our dreams (thank God), the super bowl taught us a lesson we can all draw from, whether you supported the Falcons, the Patriots, or still bitter about the Cowboys: Don’t give up on your dreams, Titans. It’s never too late to turn your seemingly predestined fate around, whether it’s in football, academics, or personal life.

For that, thanks Tom Brady.