Go-Force Go Center


Tommy Rackers, Staff Reporter

College is an important step in all students lives so we must be cautious how we approach it. The Go Center is one way that students can help prepare themselves for this step.

One of our counselors, Mrs. Cindy Marshall spoke about The Go Center and what the new program will include.

“The Go Center is a program new to Centennial High School that was originally designed to serve first-generation college students. But, the program has since expanded.  The mentors attend UNT, however they are not here to promote UNT.  They are here to promote college-going, in general.”

These students are there to help you with scholarships, about how to apply for colleges, how to apply for financial aid and helping you to find the colleges that are the right fit for you.

“Pretty much anything you can think of college related and if you need more concentrated one-on-one time then you may be able to go to the counseling office and ask for it.”

The Program is open to all grade levels Anyone with college-related questions may sign up. However, it is recommended to sign up before school, during late arrival, or during a non-academic class. The Go Center is in B122 from 8:30-11:30 every other Friday With the next program being on Mar. 31 and is by appointment only!

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