Coach serves volleyball specifics

Titan volleyball takes the court


Max Yuhas

Lady Titans huddle between plays.

Wilson Tarpley, Cen10 Reporter

At Centennial, athletic capability is valued, especially in such an agility-based sport as volleyball. Being able to react quickly, jump for the ball, and then use your arms properly to send it back home for a point are important abilities for players. However, another valuable ability is being able to plan and rehearse strategies for upcoming matches; in other words, the job of the coach, Kari Bensend.

Bensend, a 35-plus year veteran of volleyball coaching, was able to take some time to tell Cen10 News about how she runs her team.

Learn on the fly because that is how the game is played; hard work on the defensive end will garner some unexpected points,” Bensend said. “Tough service will take the opponent out of their game plan, and most of all, don’t think too much, it slows you down!”

Bensend also shared some more special moments, like psyching her team up.

“They get after it on the music end, a tight group this season, fun to see,” Bensend said.

In her email interview, Bensend spoke favorably of her team.

“We are very young this year, and our entire team is capable of super plays,” Bensend said. “Henson is our four-year returner and consistently puts the ball in our hitter’s hands, Malley Morris is also a veteran and is swinging well for us, [while] Sam Hastings…has been playing defense for us like a maniac.”

Of course, such hard play is not without its own rewards and eureka moments.

“Seeing the light bulb come on,” Bensend said, “when the players finally get it and it works so smoothly.”

Currently, Bensend is prepping the team for these games and many more, well into the district play portion of the season.

“I just want these kiddos to love playing this awesome game,” Bensend said.

For their next game, the Lady Titans will face off against the Heritage Coyotes at Heritage on Friday, Sept. 29, at 5:30 p.m.