Valentine’s Day: Day of Love or a Drag?


Irene Jacob, Cen10 News Reporter

Valentine’s Day, a time for romance, flowers, heart-shaped chocolate, and being madly in love. But is this holiday really all that its hyped up to be? Well, although some people truly are in love with Valentine’s Day, many feel that the holiday is unnecessary, puts too much of a spotlight on those who are in relationships, and does nothing for single people.Whatever may be the case, here are the pros and cons of this famous day of love.


When you are not in a relationship, there are both definite positives and negatives to Valentine’s Day. If you are single and ready to mingle by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, the romantic mood and love in the air can work out perfectly for you. All the love and romance floating around during this holiday can be beneficial in helping relationships to form and can aid in giving you an excuse to get out of your comfort zone and maybe even ask your crush out. Additionally, if you have a special someone in mind, Valentine’s Day has been proven to be the best day to ask someone if they marry you! Valentine’s Day also gives us all an excuse to eat more chocolate, and who doesn’t want that? And on the bright side, if you do happen to be single and you have friends who are also single, go out and do something together!


On the other hand, if you do have a significant other, then it already feels as if this holiday was handmade for you. You and yours can spend the day together in cringe- inducing love, with an excuse to be free of distractions. Fortunately, many amazing sales and shopping opportunities come with Valentine’s Day, making it much easier to spend more moolah on your boyfriend or girlfriend. And you can take advantage of low prices even if you happen to be single, because stores don’t just sell to couples! And even if they do, there’s always the vast world of online shopping.


There are an incredible amount of date ideas for couples on Valentine’s Day, and not a lot of time to do them all. Some popular ideas include a movie night, a fancy dinner, or a day shopping together. Signing up together for a class, such as boxing or zumba, is an interesting way to get to know your partner better, and to burn some calories as well. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money, staying at home and binging a Netflix show together is a perfectly acceptable option. A karaoke night is definitely something you’ve heard about, but it’s not a popular date idea for no reason! Going out for a night of bowling or ice skating with your special someone is also a great idea. And if you’re not in a relationship, you can just go all these places with friends!


Valentine’s Day poses many opportunities to get out and have fun with loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, this holiday is a day to enjoy!