Titans vs. Lions: The Long Awaited Battle


Uswa Saeed

Photo of the game Centennial v. Reedy during the second quarter

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Homecoming is a tradition that many look forward to, with a full week of dress up, a dance to remember, and of course, the football game. This year especially, with it being Centennial’s 20th anniversary, Homecoming was certainly a wonderful experience. The Homecoming football game took place on Friday, September 30th at Kuykendall Stadium. 

We played against the Reedy Lions and, unfortunately, lost with a score of 38-7. However, the game was still a very fun watch, and our football players certainly played hard. One moment that had our entire Titan section cheering was the amazing touchdown scored in the 4th quarter, marking a comeback against Reedy’s advances. We’re very proud of our athletes for all their hard work. 

“I came [to the game] because Centennial has been winning more this year and it’s gonna be my last Homecoming football game,” senior Srimani Tallapaneni explained. 

The Homecoming football game wasn’t just like any other football game. It brought out a large crowd of cheering students and parents, our band’s brand new show titled “Exogenesis”, our Titan choir’s performance of the national anthem, and the Sweethearts’ energy-filled dance routine. So many of our athletics and fine arts students collaborated to make the experience enjoyable. 

“I’ve been to a few of the games last year, but this is the first one I’ve been to this year; this one really stands out because it’s Homecoming,” choir member Riley Del Buono stated. 

So many of our Titans loved Homecoming this year. But the game is, of course, far from the only thing to it. The entire school was filled with a merry environment that lasted the whole week, and anyone could see the Centennial spirit within the halls. 

“I’ve never seen our class dress up this much and it was really interesting, especially the soccer moms and barbecue dads day,” Tallapaneni conveyed. 

The themes that Student Council chose for Homecoming were definitely a hit, and many students enjoyed all the opportunities to dress up. The decorations and festivities seen throughout the week really raised our Titans’ spirits and made Homecoming week that much more memorable. 

“There were decorations in the art hallways and just all the hallways in general, and I thought they were really cool and really pretty,” CHS student Ethan Yun Sohn mentioned. “I could see [everyone] put a lot of effort into them.” 

So many Titans and staff members worked hard to make this week as unforgettable as it was, and for that we thank them. Homecoming this year, from the football game to the dress-up days to the dance, was an amazing experience.