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Educational Expansion

Uswa Saeed and Rushil Kannery January 24, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS- The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center announced an extension to their current campus in June 2022, in order to meet rising demands for educational opportunities as students continued...

A man in a hospital bed

Hawkeye’s Greatest Enemy: The Snow Plow

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Reporter January 23, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS — Actor Jeremy Renner has amassed fame starring as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On Sunday, January 1st, Renner was run over by a seven-ton snow plow in Reno, Nevada.  Renner...

One of the multiple AEDs on the Centennial HS campus.

CPR Certification – Saving Lives

Rushil Kannery, Reporter January 23, 2023

CPR Certification - Saving Lives By Rushil Kannery CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL - Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin recently collapsed on the field after a tackle. Hamlin was resuscitated not once,...

Image posted on the softball teams Instagram about the drive information

Titan Softball: Friends In Need Are Friends Indeed

Rushil Kannery, Reporter October 13, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS- In partnership with Keeper of the Game, Titan Softball has organized a food drive ending on October 20th to help out those in need, and are collecting items in competition with the other...

Frisco Police Department Parked to Monitor Centennial High School Safety

Former Student Arrested Thanks To Student Reporting

Riya Patwardhan and Rushil Kannery September 23, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL - As some of us may have already heard, there was a security threat on Centennial High School campus grounds after school on Wednesday, September 14. In an email sent to parents,...

Mrs. Gillespie with her mum standing in front of a homecoming poster

Homecoming: Behind the Magic

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Reporter September 19, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS —  Centennial High School’s annual Homecoming dance is getting closer and closer every day, and the school halls are papered with posters advertising Spirit Week dress up themes, ticket...

Winners of the talent show: Ariana Gibson and Ms. Caballero

Behind the Scenes: Talent Show Edition

Medha Shah, Reporter September 13, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Many events have popped up this last month to display our Titans’ talents- one of them is the talent show. Let’s go backstage for some more details on what went on behind the...

A photo of the SROs office in F Hall

Students Return to a Safer School

Mandy Alexander, Reporter September 7, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- If you weren’t already aware of the security changes that were elaborated on during the class-wide assemblies, no doubt you will have noticed the enforcement of the new policies. If...

Centennial High School students sitting and eating in a crowded cafeteria

New Management Brings New Lunch Schedule

Rushil Kannery, Reporter August 29, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS - As the new school year rolls around and students return to a fresh start, they are faced with multiple changes to the routine that they experienced the previous year. Chief among these...

Rough map of the area where Grand Park will be

Grand Dreams for Grand Park

Uswa Saeed, Media Manager April 18, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS- Last week, you may have gotten an announcement in Canvas asking you to fill out a Google form about the upcoming Grand Park. Aiming to be larger than Central Park, there is a lot of excitement...

A Titan UIL!

A Titan UIL!

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-in-Chief April 4, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- These past few weeks, several Centennial Titans have decided to participate in UIL. UIL (University Interscholastic League) is an organization which provides athletic, musical,...

A picture of a tasbeeh (set of beads) on top of a Quran

Ramadan: A Month of Reflection

Uswa Saeed, Media Manager March 28, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS- Did you know that not everyone follows just the solar calendar? Muslims, for example, also refer to the lunar calendar, and they celebrate the 9th month of this year as a religious holiday....

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