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What Black History Month Is and Why It’s Important

Uswa Saeed, Cen10 News Reporter February 15, 2021

From February 1st to March 1st, the annual observance of African American History Month, also known as Black History Month, takes place in order to recognize the adversity and accomplishments of African...

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Why Reading is Beneficial to You

Uswa Saeed, Cen10 News Reporter February 1, 2021

Reading is a staple in today’s society; something almost everyone learns how to do, yet there are people who may not understand why it matters so much. There are actually plenty of benefits to this activity,...

How Black Friday Will Look This Year

Riya Patwardhan, Cen10 News Reporter November 22, 2020

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL - To many active shoppers, Black Friday is one of the biggest highlights of the month of November and during the Thanksgiving season. In the past, Black Friday has always been quite...

Thanksgiving Dinner
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Thanksgiving: The Pilgrim Way

Uswa Saeed, Cen10 News Reporter November 20, 2020

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- The national holiday of Thanksgiving is a cherished tradition that started in Plymouth, Massachusetts when the pilgrims and Native Americans held a feast together. This celebration,...

Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns

The History of Halloween

Riya Patwardhan, Cen10 News Reporter October 23, 2020

Like every tradition, the festival of Halloween has changed and evolved drastically throughout the years. This holiday, commonly celebrated in countries such as the United States, has evolved to become...

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FISD Offers Free Meals to All Students

Sofia Barnett, Editor-In-Chief October 21, 2020

Frisco ISD is now able to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost for all students within the district. The USDA granted FISD a waiver that will allow for every student to receive free meals, regardless...

Voter Registration Ends October 5th and Other Important Voting Deadlines

Voter Registration Ends October 5th and Other Important Voting Deadlines

Sofia Barnett, Editor-In-Chief October 2, 2020

Voter registration in Texas closes on October 5 for in-person voting and for people choosing to vote by mail, registration must be postmarked by October 5 as well. Make sure to register before this deadline...

Global Warming: What You Need To Know

Global Warming: What You Need To Know

Uswa Saeed, Cen10 News Reporter September 30, 2020

Most everyone in this day and age has heard of global warming, the increase in average temperature around the world causing many environmental problems as described by the National Resource Defense Council...

Does Remote Learning Promote Perjury?

Does Remote Learning Promote Perjury?

hailey bell, cen10 news reporter September 30, 2020

  Due to the global pandemic, schools all over the world are going virtual, and some are giving their students an option between coming back and staying home.  With this sudden change of setting,...

10 Minutes Added to School Day

10 Minutes Added to School Day

Sofia Barnett, Editor-In-Chief September 8, 2020

For the 2020-21 school year, Frisco ISD will be adding an additional 10 minutes to each school day, resulting in students being released at 4:25 pm instead of the traditional 4:15 pm timeframe that had...

Black History Month

Black History Month

Anisha Zaman, Editor-in-Chief March 3, 2020

Black History Month is a nationally recognized, month-long holiday celebrating African American people and all of their accomplishments. It has been recognized by every U.S. president since 1976.  It...

Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

Katherine Tarpley, Cen10 News Reporter December 20, 2019

Every winter, the “most wonderful time of the year” comes around. The holiday season is filled with different religions celebrating lots of festivities and the origins of some of the traditions many...

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