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Yearbook student working with images on laptop and writing on sticky note

The Yearbook Means Something to Everyone: What Does It Mean to You?

Rushil Kannery September 19, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL - From pictures to quotes, the yearbook is a treasured collection of memories that many hold dear. from the hardworking yearbook staff to the students themselves, every single person...

AP Government and African American Studies teacher Mrs. Rosenfeld in her room

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Rosenfeld!

Uswa Saeed, Editor-in-Chief September 13, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Have you ever wondered how long you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse? Mrs. Rosenfeld, the AP Government and African American Studies teacher at CHS, believes she wouldn’t last...

Centennial Titan Tennis Team Players Gathering for a Team Meeting

The “Invisible” Sports of Centennial

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-in-Chief September 6, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- When we think of high school sports, the first places our minds go to are the well-known sports of football and volleyball. Basketball and soccer might then come to mind as well....

Women Looking Through Shirts

The Dress Code Debate

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS- Dress code. Perhaps the most controversial topic for school districts across the nation. Should districts have at least some regulation over the clothes within their school, or should students...

Graphing Paper with New Years Resolution written on the top

The Psychology Behind Your New Year’s Resolution

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-In-Chief January 4, 2022

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Oh New Year’s Eve, the last (and arguably best) day of the year. The day which we work so hard the whole year to get to, just so we can excitedly celebrate the beginning of a...

2021 Centennial Teacher of the Year- Mr. Chamberlain

2021 Centennial Teacher of the Year- Mr. Chamberlain

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-in-Chief December 6, 2021

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- It is no secret that teachers do a lot for their students here at Centennial High School. Centennial is so blessed and truly appreciative to have so many teachers that truly care...

Meet the Staff!

Meet the Staff!

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-In-Chief October 11, 2021

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- As many of us at Centennial may know, this new school year is shaping up to be an unprecedented year full of new changes. One of the biggest changes to Centennial this year are...

paparazzi taking pictures

The Claudia Conway Controversy

Hailey Bell, Cen10 News Reporter November 12, 2020

If you have seen Claudia Conway in your news feed these past couple of weeks and are confused as to who she is and why she is important, let me clear that up for you.  It all started with her rise...

Asian-American Discrimination on the Rise Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Asian-American Discrimination on the Rise Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Sofia Barnett, Editor-In-Chief September 30, 2020

Residing in New Jersey and attending Rutgers University, Mos Neammanee faithfully rides the subway to school every day. If I were to ask Neammanee to explain the significance of the New Jersey Transit...

A’Lelia Bundles: Self Made

A’Lelia Bundles: Self Made

Sofia Barnett March 31, 2020

In the midst of the global COVID-19 panic, it can be easy to get swept up into newsreel horror stories and magazine terrors, inevitably becoming blind-sighted to notable events of daily life. Although...

Social Media Sensationalism

Social Media Sensationalism

Cheshta Bajaj, Cen10 News Reporter March 3, 2020

Populism and inequality aren’t news; calling Mexican immigrants rapists and vowing to build a wall are. The manipulated language one uses to get a specific reaction from the audience is known as sensationalism,...

Presidents Day and its Past

Presidents Day and its Past

Jack Davis, Cen10 News Reporter March 3, 2020

Officially known as Washington’s Birthday, the holiday more commonly known as Presidents Day is often casually regarded as just another day off school for students across the nation. But, the holiday...

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