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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

Behind The Scenes: CHS Homecoming 2023

Behind The Scenes: CHS Homecoming 2023

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS — Homecoming is a big deal in Texas, and everything that goes into it takes time, money, and support from the staff and student body at Centennial High School, specifically Student Council. This...

Band members practicing their marching routine for the To The Clouds, We Fly show

A Peek Behind the Curtain: The Work That Goes Into Preparing For Band Competitions

Darren Hu, Reporter September 6, 2023

FRISCO, Texas- With the Marching band season in full swing, the Centennial High School Band is working steadfastly to prepare for competitions and improve upon their musicality.    From preparations...

Brain Greenleaf performing with his 
six-foot flag at a Colorguard competition in 1991

Colorguard Director Bids Adieu

Archana Ravindran, Reporter September 6, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS - Thousands of teachers join the workforce every year. They go into higher positions, see completely different sides of the education system, or turn to another profession. But how many...

August’s Teacher Feature:  Mrs. Lybbert

August’s Teacher Feature: Mrs. Lybbert

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Editor & chief August 29, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS — Centennial High School has plenty of staff, who have been here for over a decade, or a couple of years. Regardless of their time spent on campus, they deserve to be recognized for their...

Students enjoying the pep rally with Sweethearts and Cheerleaders

Excitement in the Air- First Pep Rally Prepares Students for New School Year

Medha Shah, Reporter August 29, 2023

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- The start of the school year began with a tint of sleepiness left over from the summer, but the sleepy energy quickly dissipated into the explosive spirit of the first pep rally...

Red Riots greet Titans outside Centennial High School on the first day in Frisco, Texas on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023. (Photo/@red_riots_titans Instagram)

Centennial High School Red Riots unleash their Titan Pride

Lillian Treat, Reporter August 29, 2023

Frisco, Texas-- A lot goes into a Centennial High School football game, on and off the field. However, there is one often overlooked yet integral piece to these games: the Red Riots.   The Red Riots...

Meeting Next Year’s School Leaders

Meeting Next Year’s School Leaders

Medha Shah, Reporter May 1, 2023

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- As the year wraps up, many organizations set the foundations for the next school year. This process includes electing new officers to carry on the torch of leadership to represent...

Image by JeppeSmedNielsen from Pixabay

Time Flies – New Year, New Volleyball Head Coach

Rushil Kannery, Reporter April 29, 2023

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL - When we started this school year, many of the students were surprised to find that some of their old teachers were no longer teaching this year. As we transition from this year...

Rexy smiling at the entrance.

The New Frisco Library: By And For The Community

Mandy Alexander, Reporter April 4, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS—Within two days of the Frisco Public Library’s soft and grand openings, over 8,300 guests passed through the new library and returned over 11,000 borrowed items.  It’s been a month...

The Surge in the Hallyu Wave

The Surge in the Hallyu Wave

Medha Shah, Reporter March 21, 2023

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- There was a time when we barely knew anything about our East Asian distant- neighbors and the only exposure we had was “Gangnam Style.” Today, East Asian trends are more globalized...

Some Celebrated Faces

Heroes of Black History

Medha Shah, Reporter February 22, 2023

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Countless famous figures, from George Washington to Audrey Hepburn, have filled American history; however, a percentage that also deserves to be celebrated is filled with others:...

Teacher of the year winner and nominees at the pep rally

Centennial’s 2022-23 Teacher of the Year: Coach Pearce!

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Reporter November 29, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS— Every school year, Centennial High School announces a Teacher Of The Year that is voted on by other members of staff. This year's winner is Coach Pearce, a World History teacher and volleyball...

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