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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

Poster in B hall with information about how Film Club meeting locations and Remind code.

Centennial’s newest club, The Film Club, opens its doors to membership

Darren Hu, Reporter February 21, 2024

FRISCO, TEXAS - Love watching the credits roll on the new Christopher Nolan movie? Then Centennial’s Film Club is your place to go.   Founded by senior Shishir Gomatham, the Film Club was...

Jayaakiran Bheemarsetti showing off her art piece for the 2024 VASE competition

Brushstrokes of Brilliance: Jayaakiran Bheemarasetti Journey through VASE

Archana Ravindran, Reporter February 15, 2024

FRISCO, TEXAS - Every year for the past 30 years, students all around Texas have the chance to show off their amazing artistic talents to the masses: winning awards, scholarships, and more in VASE.    Over...

Titan Mock Trial and sponsor Mr. Singler at the regional competition on January 27th. (@titanmocktrial on Instagram)

Your honor, Titan Mock Trial advanced to semis!

Lillian Treat, Reporter February 13, 2024

Frisco, Texas-- For the past few months, the dedicated members of Centennial High School’s mock trial team, Titan Mock Trial,  worked diligently to assemble their case for their first competition, held...

American Heart Association “Teen Of Impact” Award banner

Teens Fundraising for Healthier Hearts

Medha Shah, Social Media Manager February 13, 2024

FRISCO, TX- The American Heart Association (AHA) nominates teens yearly to form a team, set a goal, and raise donations for the organization’s mission- to be a relentless force for a world of longer,...

A poster of the May We All show performed in the CHS auditorium.

Behind the Scenes of the “May We All” Show

Darren Hu, Reporter February 6, 2024

FRISCO, TEXAS - The Titan Theatre program performed “May We All” on Thursday, Jan. 18, Friday, Jan. 19, and Saturday, Jan. 20. The show follows the life of Jenna Coates, a failed music star forced...

The FISD Visual and Performing Arts Center!

FISD Visual Arts and Performing Center: Unveiling New Opportunities

Medha Shah, Social Media Manager January 31, 2024

FRISCO, TX- Frisco ISD has opened many facilities over the past few years as more people flock to one of the fastest-growing school districts in the U.S., and Frisco ISD plans to open more. One example...

P.R.I.D.E poster in the Centennial High School hallways.

Centennial High School Administration Implements A PBIS System to Give Back to The Student Population

Lillian Treat, Reporter January 31, 2024

Frisco, Texas - While many students spent their winter break catching up on sleep, watching movies, and playing video games, the Centennial High School administration was fashioning a system to reward...

The Centennial Tennis Team with their awards at the 2023 State Championship.

Hard Work Pays Off: Centennial Tennis Team Reaches a New Milestone!

Medha Shah, Social Media Manager January 22, 2024

FRISCO, TX-  We’ve all heard sayings and inspirational quotes, but some may question if these motivational sayings truly impact how we approach life. This doubt makes Centennial High School’s Tennis...

Phone loading a music app

Music’s Impact on Student Life

Medha Shah, Reporter December 18, 2023

  FRISCO, TX-  Music plays a role in spreading creativity and enjoyment in the lives of many. A shared love of music helps connect people despite their differences . Music improves students’ day-to-day...

2024-2025 FISD School Calendar

Frisco ISD Approves Fall Break and Other Calendar Changes at District Meeting

Lillian Treat, Reporter December 18, 2023

Frisco, Texas -- During the highly anticipated Frisco ISD December board meeting, the brand new 2024-2025 school year calendar was approved, now better aligned with surrounding districts’ breaks, a student...

Mrs.Rosenfeld, African American Studies, Mexican American Studies, AP Government Teacher

A closer look at the Mexican-American Studies and African-American Studies classes

Darren Hu, Reporter December 8, 2023

We’ve all learned about the impact African-Americans and Mexican-Americans have had on our history through US history classes, however, did you know that FISD offers two classes specifically designed...

A BeReal post from Coach Smiths 3B physics class on December 14, 2022!

Let’s ‘BeReal’ This Is Why You Should Take Physics: Coach Smith’s Positive Impact

Sana Hajidamji, Editor-In-Chief December 8, 2023

When it comes to deciding junior year classes, there’s a wide variety of core classes to choose from. Physics 1 is recommended as the science course, but many students have been given the cautionary...

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