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At the core of Cen10 News, we value showing off all aspects of our school and making everyone feel represented. Our website is created for students by students and we cover topics that they find interesting.

We do this by being a digital hub created for, and built by, multiple parts of Centennial High School, with the intent to inform students and challenge them to think critically about the issues of our school, community, and world. We do this with a strong emphasis on professionalism, diversity, and creativity to provide a unique, people focused news experience.

Our site has a wide variety of content and features our other platforms such as the video news show, Titan TV.

This site offers an educational opportunity for the students and is not a professional publication. Any errors are accidental and are not meant to be harmful to any person or group. If you need to reach an administrator about an issue on the site please contact [email protected].

Thank you and happy reading Titans!

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