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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

Editor-In-Chief, Sana Hajidamji in her gown!

Goodbye, Centennial: A Heartfelt Message from Your Editor-in-Chief

Sana Hajidamji, Editor-In-Chief May 17, 2024

Dear Readers,    As I sit down to write this letter, my heart is filled with a mix of emotions. In just a few days, we, the Class of 2024, will be saying goodbye to Centennial High School....

The Centennial library.

Classics to Contemporary; Parental Influences on Teen’s Choices

Archana Ravindran, Reporter March 22, 2024

FRISCO, TEXAS - In the saga of parenting, amidst debates over screen time, homework, and bedtime routines, there exists a quiet battlefield; teen literature. At libraries, they offer a large selection...

Digital SAT graphic!

The DSAT: Effective or Ineffective?

Medha Shah, Social Media Manager March 18, 2024

Frisco, TX-  Junior year is the most stressful year of high school for many. A big reason for this is the SAT or ACT, which will impact students’ college admissions and ultimately change their lives....

Valentines Day graphic on Canva.

The Multifaceted Nature of Love: Exploring the Journey from Friends to Lovers

Sana Hajidamji, Editor-In-Chief February 6, 2024

It’s officially February, which means Valentine’s Day is approaching. Valentine’s Day for most people is a cozy day filled with love, romance, and memorable moments with a significant other. The...

Fall Template on Canva

Building an ‘unbe-leaf-able’ and trend-setting fall wardrobe

Lillian Treat, Reporter September 14, 2023

Frisco, Texas-- As we bid farewell to summer and welcome fall’s embrace, the leaves aren’t the only things changing. Fashion itself is experiencing a shift, with new trends and styles popping up, reflecting...

Centennial High School student section at Toyota Stadium at the first 2023-2024 varsity football game.

Embracing the Nostalgic Cinema of Football Season & Homecoming

Sana Hajidamji, Editor-In-Chief September 6, 2023

As summer says it's goodbye and the fall season arrives, football season is live and homecoming is around the corner. This point during high school is special, as it feels like you’re in the middle of...

One of the most iconic movies in Bollywood. Student Of The Year

Why Bollywood Movies Are Worth Watching: Exploring Culture and Entertainment

Sana Hajidamji, Reporter March 29, 2023

FRISCO, TEXAS - Bollywood, the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai, India. Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world, producing hundreds of movies every year and entertaining millions...

A list of the current trending songs on Tiktok.

What is a “Tiktok Song?” Students Weigh In

Mandy Alexander, Reporter February 17, 2023

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL - Down the art hallway, music drifts from room B122 during period 2A, AP Drawing. The track currently playing is “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga — a song that rose to recent popularity...

Go watch Netflix!

The Ultimate Guide To Watch The Best Shows In 2023

Sana Hajidamji, Reporter January 27, 2023

The wait is finally over, 2023 brings new seasons of our favorite shows. At the beginning of 2023 all streaming platforms were finally coming out with new seasons and new shows that have become fan favorites....

Two people back to back in front of a broken heart

The Try Guys (Not You, Ned)

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Reporter October 13, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS — The Try Guys have been dominating the internet for a while, trying new things as their name suggests, from different foods to corsets. Recently, however, one, now former member of the...

Cheerleaders performing a stunt at the Centennial High School pep rally

Different Point of Views on High School Cliques

Sana Hajidamji, Cen10 News Reporter September 7, 2022

High school cliques, also known as stereotypes, are mostly presented in high school movies or TV shows. The mean girls, the popular kids, the nerd, the jocks, the theater kids, and several more, are examples...

Tsukino Usagi, the main character of the Japanese animated series Sailor Moon

Sexualization in the Media

Uswa Saeed, Media Manager February 7, 2022

Nearly one in five girls are sexually assaulted at least once in their life. Although it sounds almost unreal, this statistic still holds true today, even in a time where awareness for sexual assault has...

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