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The Important Reasons to Wear a Mask

Woman Holding Face Mask
December 17, 2020

Due to the worldwide pandemic, there has been a ton of debate on what we can do to prevent the spread. Obviously, people decided quarantining would be the best option, and they would work from home. However,...

Racing Towards Pink Tax Eradication

Racing Towards Pink Tax Eradication
December 9, 2020

Let’s play a game. We’re about to race, but wait. You get to start 10 steps behind me because you don’t have green eyes. Take another 10 steps back because your hair isn’t curly. Okay, now go....

Amazon’s Awful Treatment of Workers Must Come To an End

Amazon online shopping app displayed on the phone of a customer
November 12, 2020

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- With the amount of technological advancements available in today's world, tasks such as having your groceries delivered straight to your door, purchasing a new item for your room...

Students Are Not Their Income

Scratch paper for a student's SAT exam.
November 12, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 18% of all colleges and universities in the United States had a test-optional policy for prospective students. Now, under the terms of our “new normal,” tests are...

Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Scrabble image of the word
October 23, 2020

On September 18th of this year, we lost an iconic Supreme Court Justice to metastatic cancer of the pancreas. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a strong-willed and successful woman who fought against gender discrimination...

How to Have a Respectful Conversation About Politics

a person holding up a sign that reads
October 22, 2020

Due to the upcoming election and opposing political parties, the nation could not be more divided. Whether you are voting for the left or the right side, talking about politics in a respectful manner should...

People Pleaser And Out of Control? Practice Selective Empathy

Red toy model with a tear and a white broken heart
October 21, 2020

Most of us like to believe that there is good in people regardless of their flaws and some go as far as disregarding unacceptable behavior such as intentionally hurting others for that very...

Indigenous People’s Day: What America Should Have Done About Columbus

A sculpture of Christopher Columbus in Rome, Italy.
October 21, 2020

In 1492, he sailed the ocean blue and executed the first unofficial genocide of North America. Sounds familiar, right? It may not be the same watered down, eurocentric narrative that has been passed down...

Why Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled

Phone displaying a variety of different commonly used social media apps.
October 5, 2020

With the ongoing rise of social media and similar social platforms, the world has seen the rise of many trends, some harmful and some not. One of these harmful trends include the trend that has grown over...

The Social Media Surge and its Impacts

Phone displaying a variety of different commonly used social media apps.
September 10, 2020

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Over the last few months, the world has experienced many unprecedented events. From the rise of the coronavirus, to extended quarantine, to new ways of schooling, the way of living...

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning
September 8, 2020

With the continuation of the Coronavirus, schools all over the world are having to come up with creative ways to commence the school year. Because the virus has spread so suddenly, every method strategized...

The Beauty of Nostalgia

The Beauty of Nostalgia
December 20, 2019

“Old Disney died.” “I miss the old Disney.” “I’m so glad I grew up with old Disney.” The term “old Disney” probably holds a lot of significance to anybody born before the housing...

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