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Two people back to back in front of a broken heart

The Try Guys (Not You, Ned)

Montserrat (Emmie) Jasso, Reporter October 13, 2022

FRISCO, TEXAS — The Try Guys have been dominating the internet for a while, trying new things as their name suggests, from different foods to corsets. Recently, however, one, now former member of the...

Cheerleaders performing a stunt at the Centennial High School pep rally

Different Point of Views on High School Cliques

Sana Hajidamji, Cen10 News Reporter September 7, 2022

High school cliques, also known as stereotypes, are mostly presented in high school movies or TV shows. The mean girls, the popular kids, the nerd, the jocks, the theater kids, and several more, are examples...

Tsukino Usagi, the main character of the Japanese animated series Sailor Moon

Sexualization in the Media

Uswa Saeed, Media Manager February 7, 2022

Nearly one in five girls are sexually assaulted at least once in their life. Although it sounds almost unreal, this statistic still holds true today, even in a time where awareness for sexual assault has...

Large crowd of fans recording and cheering at a concert

Fandom Culture – and the Unhealthy Side of It

Uswa Saeed, Media Manager October 4, 2021

Name 3 celebrities off the top of your head. That was easy, right? Can you now name personal facts about them? Their favorite music, favorite food, dating life; I’m sure you were able to think of that...

Laptop with popular social media sites open in a dark room

Performative Activism: A Curse Disguised as a Blessing

Riya Patwardhan, Editor-in-Chief September 20, 2021

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- BLM, Yemen, Cuba, Palestine. At first glance, this set of words seems clearly unrelated. Although, after looking closer it is not hard to observe how these words represent some...

Rack of Clothes

The Real Cost of Fast Fashion

Riya Patwardhan, Cen10 News Reporter May 17, 2021

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Fast fashion; this global concept of consumption which many of us are familiar with is steadily making itself more and more prominent all over the world. Although people are generally...

Set of a Movie Shooting

How Sia’s Movie Music is Harmful to the Autistic Community

Riya Patwardhan, Cen10 News Reporter May 17, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Since the release of Sia’s movie Music on February 10, 2021, audiences of the movie have been infuriated by the portrayal of the autistic community in the film. Music includes...

Overwhelmed Man with Face in Hands, Source: Daniel Reche, pexels.com

Bullies are Victims Too

Uswa Saeed, Cen10 News Reporter April 27, 2021

Bullying is most certainly not okay. It damages the victims mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. However, it is important to acknowledge that while these actions are wrong, bullies, in...

Audience Cheering at Music Concert

Grammys… this you?

Riya Patwardhan and Uswa Saeed April 26, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Discrimination against people of color, also called POC, is unfortunately something that has been happening for a long time. Even today, this injustice continues in all walks of...

Stressed Out Student

Restrict AP Classes for Our Mental Health! Sincerely, Students Across America

Sofia Barnett and Riya Patwardhan February 11, 2021

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Imagine juggling double the workload of a senior in college before you’re legally eligible to get your driver’s license. Or maybe twice the workload of a college junior before...

Woman Holding Face Mask

The Important Reasons to Wear a Mask

Hailey Bell, Cen10 News December 17, 2020

Due to the worldwide pandemic, there has been a ton of debate on what we can do to prevent the spread. Obviously, people decided quarantining would be the best option, and they would work from home. However,...

Racing Towards Pink Tax Eradication

Racing Towards Pink Tax Eradication

Sofia Barnett, Editor-In-Chief December 9, 2020

Let’s play a game. We’re about to race, but wait. You get to start 10 steps behind me because you don’t have green eyes. Take another 10 steps back because your hair isn’t curly. Okay, now go....

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