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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Keys to Learning: The Impactful Teaching of Mr. Davenport

Sana Hajidamji
Mr. Davenport and his keys!

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Amidst the crowded hallways of Centennial High School, Mr. Davenport’s presence is announced by the distinct jingle of his keys, a unique sound that sets him apart from others, signaling the exceptional teaching experience in his classroom and the friendly nature exuding from his presence. 


Mr. Brian Davenport is both the AP Statistics and on-level Statistics teacher at Centennial High School. He graduated from Baylor University in 2004 with an education degree focused in math. Mr. Davenport has taught Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus in the past. Mr. Davenport brings more than just knowledge to his classes, he brings with him his unique signature, a melody that is often heard before he’s in the classroom. It’s a sound that brings his students familiarity and comfort. His classroom isn’t just a space for learning; it’s also a place for those meaningful conversations that are much needed. From the first day of school, Mr. Davenport fostered an environment that thrives off of inclusivity. Whether we’re discussing statistics or our spring break trips, Mr. Davenport makes every interaction a memorable one. 


“So many lessons in math are forgotten as soon as students step out of my classroom and that’s expected. I don’t expect students to remember the p value after they leave my class.” Mr. Davenport explained


“It’s important to look at the bigger picture, sometimes stats can be hard and it’s important to not give up when things get hard, challenge yourself.” 


What sets Mr. Davenport apart is his genuine attitude towards the new experiences he encounters each day. With him as your teacher you’ll never experience a dull moment, he turns boring topics into opportunities for exploration. 


“Everyday is different and it’s exciting. It keeps me on my toes and it’s not boring.” (Mr. Davenport) 


Hayden Boley, a student of Mr. Davenport explained,  “Mr. Davenport is very good at keeping you engaged during lessons. He’s very relatable and makes learning fun!” 


Mr. Davenport is one of the most thoughtful teachers on campus, his impact extends beyond the classroom. Whether you need advice or simply someone to talk to, Mr. Davenport is always there with words of encouragement. He’s not just a teacher; he’s a role model and a friend. Mr. Davenport cares to make meaningful relationships with each and every one of his students on a personal level. He knows there is more to his students than just the names on the roster. Mr. Davenport goes above and beyond to create an exceptional experience for every student. 


“It’s definitely not about math, everyday is an attempt to get out of my desk and walk around and have those weird conversations where you don’t know where they are going and just finding out what makes my students unique and ticks and find their passion in.” Mr. Davenport emphasized. 


“It’s more than a missing assignment or a low test grade, every student is a person and every teacher is a person. You wouldn’t respond well to stats if you didn’t know me and it would be harder for me to teach stats if I didn’t know you.” 


Riley Pipkin, a senior, shared one of her memorable experiences with Mr. Davenport. 


“Not only did he teach me many things, he listened to me when I lost my friend which meant a lot since I felt like I had no one to talk to.”


Aashna Khetrapal, a junior in Mr. Davenport’s class shared her experience being the only junior in a senior class. 


“Although I am the youngest in the class he never made me feel like the odd one out, he treats everyone equally and has created a really inclusive class environment.” 


In today’s data-driven world, understanding statistics is more crucial than ever. With data privacy, collection, and interpretation becoming hot topics in every industry, statistics opens the door to plenty of opportunities. In Mr. In Davenport’s class you’ll collect data and learn how to gather, interpret, and draw conclusions in a random and authentic manner. You’ll engage in hands-on activities that bring statistics to life. 


As Mr. Davenport said, “Stats is a math class that isn’t really a math class. Students that need a break from Algebra or solving for X, they should know that we don’t do that in stats.”


Mr. Davenport reflects on a significant moment in his teaching career, sharing, 


“When I started teaching I didn’t know I’d be here 20 years later. This is the first year that I have my daughter Brynn here with me and that’s a new moment in my life that I’ll remember forever. I’ve looked forward to having my daughter here with me since I started teaching and I moved to Centennial to have that opportunity.”


“I love being here, I love biking to school with my kids which a lot of teachers don’t get to do and I really appreciate that and don’t take that for granted.” he added. 


But it’s not only about the students for Mr. Davenport but also about the connections he gets to build with the faculty at CHS. 


“What I really love about teaching is having friends at school, being here a few years i’ve made really good friends and I love to do things outside of school I love to hang out with other teachers and built those relationships and that keeps me excited about coming back to school, if I didn’t have friends here I wouldn’t like teaching. I like my students, I like the people I work with, therefore, I like my job.” 


Mr. Davenport’s familiar jingle of his keys serve as a reminder of the meaningful connections created in his classroom. Mr. Davenport goes beyond teaching statistics; he fostered inclusivity, embracing challenges, and building relationships. Through his genuine care and dedication Mr. Davenport has created a huge impact on his students.

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