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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Behind the Scenes of the “May We All” Show

Darren Hu
A poster of the “May We All” show performed in the CHS auditorium.

FRISCO, TEXAS – The Titan Theatre program performed “May We All” on Thursday, Jan. 18, Friday, Jan. 19, and Saturday, Jan. 20. The show follows the life of Jenna Coates, a failed music star forced to return to her hometown of Harmony, Tennessee, transforming the place she once called home in the process.


Theatre students worked hard for months to rehearse and perfect the show. Sophomore Georgia Mayfield played a role in “May We All”.


“I’m part of the ensemble, I act as Kylie Coates in the show, and I’m an Assistant Dance Director.”


Aside from practicing their parts, dance choreography was rehearsed as well. Taylor Pumphrey, Grace Carter, and Georgia Mayfield are the Dance Captains.


“The Dance Captains coached us on the dances, and we rehearsed through the dances,” said Mayfield.


The performers also spent time learning the various songs in the show, featuring the works of artists like Dolly Parton and Kacey Musgraves.


“Mr. Larocca taught us the songs, and the songs and dances were the most important part of the first part of the rehearsal process because it was tedious.” 


Mr. Moore, the Theatre Director, coached performers through the various stages of the story.


Mr. Moore was in charge of the blocking and scenes in the show. He was there to direct it, but he also let us kind of feel things out and try things we thought may be good for that character/scene.”


Stepping away from the performance aspect, the Technical Theatre Director, Ms. Garrett helped to direct the chaos backstage that comes with the logistics of a theatre show.


With the different parts needed for the show acquired, it was time to practice putting all the elements together.


We have a few months to rehearse, some people to do the tech part,  others create the set, [we have] costumes, and props [as well],” adding. “We have a week before the show called tech week where we rehearse the show and incorporate it with tech theatre,” said Senior Nathan Dulberg, the actor behind Harley Coates.


During shows, a lot of work that occurs backstage often goes unnoticed and is underappreciated.


“Backstage can be kind of stressful sometimes because we have a lot of scene changes that we need to stay on top of. We have the stage manager backstage communicating to people when to change the scene and when to have different things fly in from the top of the stage,” said Mayfield.


In addition to a stage manager managing scene changes, costume changes also occur in between different scenes.


“The costume people are also backstage helping the actors change when they need to, and we have extra helpers working backstage for actors who need to change mics,” adding “We have some of the actors sitting in the front wings watching the show waiting until they have to go back on stage for the next scene.”


Stepping aside from the logistics, stress, and hours of work that come with theatre productions, the feeling of performing on stage is like no other.


“My favorite part of being on stage is dancing and singing with other people. I get this good-feeling energy when I dance. I’ve always had a passion for dancing, so having the opportunity to be an assistant dance captain, and choreographing the dances, has been such an incredible experience”

Her passion for singing comes from her family, who’ve influenced her passion for singing greatly.


“My dad is a singer, so being able to carry on the singer’s legacy has been cool for me. I love the emotion and passion that comes out of me when I sing and dance.”


Junior Madison Watkins, Assistant Music Director, State Thespian Officer, and actress behind the character “Liz”, also shared a message about her passion for the show.


I love country music and I really enjoy playing a character that is so raw, unlike anything I’ve played before.”


Dulberg also shared similar feelings about the “May We All” show.


My favorite part of being on stage is when you know that the audience has felt a certain emotion when they laugh at a joke, or are affected by joy or sadness. They come to the show to have a change of emotions.”

If you’re interested in joining theatre in the future, you can email Mr. Moore at [email protected] or visit the theatre room in F-hall. You can also catch their next performance on March 3rd, at their UIL One Act Play.

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