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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Kind Hearts and Cozy Reads; Making a Difference

Archana Ravindran
Students at December’s Book Club meeting, enjoying time with each other before discussing the Book Drive.

FRISCO, TEXAS – During the holidays, many people will spend time with their families, have a wonderful time, and enjoy the colder weather. Those who celebrate Christmas and have a love of reading will be able to get new books. Unfortunately, one in five children do not have books, causing them not to have a chance to explore reading at school or home. 


Founded this year, the Centennial Book Club has taken it upon themselves to help the community in any way possible. As co-founder and co-president, Jayaakiran Bheemarsetti her fellow co-president worked on creating the Book Club; they already had a vision of it being more than just a amusing way to read books. The only issue was, what could they do?


“For the Book Club, we wanted to make a place where people could enjoy reading and build a community with other readers. But we always wanted it to be more and we are so glad we did.” Bheemarasetti says. 


After in-depth planning, the Book Club has announced its first annual December Book Drive. But how did the December Book Drive even come to be, and why?

At Centennial, there are so many ways that students have created ways to give back to their community. Bheemarsetti wanted to find a creative and unique way to give back, and they did. 


Bheemarsetti explains her reasoning for creating the Book Drive. 


“Every year, thousands of people don’t have access to books. And it is not even children. Adults, teens, and elders also deserve to have books. In fact, everyone deserves them! And we want to make that happen.”


To help the Book Club with their cause, you can donate any books you have to B213, and tell their club sponsor, Miss. Del Pozzo about your donation. 


On the other hand, the Book Club is having their members go around and ask people for donations. If you are approached by one of these people, you can make a plan with them to be able to donate! 


Some of the places they have decided to donate to are the Frisco Library, Books Behind Bars In Philadelphia, the Flower Mound Library, and more. 


“To anyone who does donate, I just want to thank them. It really means a lot, not just to me, but to a whole community that goes past Frisco.” Bheemarasetti says.

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About the Contributor
Archana Ravindran, Reporter
Hi! I'm Archana! I'm a sophomore this year, and  I love reading, writing, and sewing! I'm the co-president of the Centennial Book Club, and a member of HOSA, Colorguard, Winterguard, and Choir!