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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Let’s ‘BeReal’ This Is Why You Should Take Physics: Coach Smith’s Positive Impact

Sana Hajidamji
A BeReal post from Coach Smith’s 3B physics class on December 14, 2022!

When it comes to deciding junior year classes, there’s a wide variety of core classes to choose from. Physics 1 is recommended as the science course, but many students have been given the cautionary warning about the challenging nature of the subject, urging them to choose an easier science course listed in the catalog. Despite the warnings, I chose to take Physics 1 my junior year and surprisingly it turned out to be my favorite class, due to the fantastic teacher and the engaging class environment. 


Coach Jeremy Smith has been teaching for a total of 12 years, two of those at Centennial High School. He’s taught chemistry and aquatic science in the past and currently teaches the Physics 1 class at CHS. 


“I really enjoyed chemistry when I was teaching it but now having taught physics I am really enjoying getting to know the physics side of things. I hadn’t done physics since I was in college, so I’ve been relearning everything through the process.” 


In addition to being a physics teacher, Coach Smith is also a girls basketball coach at Centennial High School. He dedicates lots of time to the sport and has to be efficient with his time balancing the classroom and the court. 

“It can be tough at times to balance the two. We’re in basketball season currently and we’ve got lots of games and tournaments to look forward to. It’s a lot of time management and we’re trying to plan ahead knowing that we have deadlines and things to get taken care of.” (Coach Smith) 


 Coach Smith brings a positive attitude towards the team, motivating them to succeed. 


Varsity basketball captain Paige Osborn explains, 


 “He’s a really good coach, he works with us individually and wants us to reach our true potential. He cares about us and his job and you can really tell.” 


What truly sets Coach Smith apart is his ability to connect with each student on a personal level. During my experience in physics, Coach Smith invested time into understanding our passions, challenges, and goals during casual conversations. Coach Smith always has his door open, figuratively and literally, inviting students to share their joys and confide in their worries. 


“I aim to build relationships with my students, get to know my students, and be able to be open with them, being able to share my personality with them. Through the process I want them to love science and physics. When you enjoy what you’re teaching, your students catch on to that.” (Coach Smith) 


Initially when I walked into physics, I sat at a table and a few other people joined me and that became our table for the year. We had seating charts but the people we sat with remained the same, our location in the classroom just shifted. Coach Smith fostered an environment where learning was built on humor and genuine connection. From the very first “be real” notification that popped up on my phone in his class, a seemingly ordinary moment turned into a ritual—one that became uniquely ours, occurring nearly every session.

Dani Duarte, a former student that I shared a table with last year explains his experience in Coach Smith’s class.  


“Even though physics sounds like an uninteresting subject, Coach Smith managed to make it interesting and fun for everyone. Even when we had bad days a quick “be real” with Coach Smith would make our day.” 


Coach Smith steered us away from individual-paced learning, encouraging collaborative group assignments. This shift not only enhanced our understanding of physics but also created a strong bond among our table groups. We weren’t just classmates anymore; we became good friends, inspired by Coach Smith’s dynamic teaching style that emphasized teamwork and shared success.


 Megan Patel, Coach Smith’s former student, explains her preference over group projects in physics.


 “I loved physics because of the fun group projects I got to do with my classmates. Especially the catapult project. Coach Smith was always helpful and answered my many questions during class. He made the class super fun and engaging, which is needed for a difficult class.” 


Following Megan Patel, another former student of Coach Smith, Zayaan Ladiwalla, explains Coach Smith’s engaging environment. 


“I loved physics because of the environment Coach Smith created. He made me connect with so many friends and made the class super interesting.” 


Physics may be a challenging subject but with Coach Smith as your teacher, you will be just fine. The class came with its fair share of panics and studying minutes before the test but it was also a shared experience that I am forever grateful for. You may have already heard all the reasons why you shouldn’t take physics but this is an article on why you should take physics. 


As Coach Smith explained, 


“Physics isn’t super difficult. I think it can be difficult if you allow it to be. Students need to challenge themselves, even if you’re not going to be a physics major, physics has a lot of applications to the real world and that critical thinking aspect of it. I believe that Physics is one of the best classes we have to offer, don’t listen to the rumors.”

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About the Contributor
Sana Hajidamji
Sana Hajidamji, Editor-In-Chief
Hi, my name is Sana Hajidamji, I am currently a senior at Centennial High School. I am from Los Angeles, California and I moved to Texas in 2020. I have a podcast called the Positive Perspective Podcast and newspaper is a passion of mine. I hope to pursue creative writing in the future!