The Try Guys (Not You, Ned)



Two people back to back in front of a broken heart

FRISCO, TEXAS — The Try Guys have been dominating the internet for a while, trying new things as their name suggests, from different foods to corsets. Recently, however, one, now former member of the Try Guys tried something unexpected: adultery.
Ned Fulmer was exposed for cheating on his wife, Ariel, with a coworker named Alex Herring. Pictures of the two engaging in some PDA at a club surfaced on Ttwitter late September. Let me tell you, the internet broke. Then again, the Try Guys fan base had their collective hearts broken as well.
With this heartbreak, and now anger, fans have begun making a joke out of the affair, sending Ariel an enormous amount of support. I have to admit, however, I have never struggled to breathe more than now, scrolling through Tik-Tok and Twitter, taking in all the jokes being made. Tik-Tok profiles like @ned.fulmer_slander have begun to post hilarious videos, where they edit him out of group photos, with a poor result.
Ned Fulmer, everyone— the man whose whole online personality was being married— cheated, with a woman who’s been in a committed relationship for ten years? Ned also has two babies with Ariel, and it looks like the entire fanbase is coping with the loss of the Ned Fulmer we knew, and we’re all collectively feeling for Ariel.
After the statements the rest of the Try Guys made on all platforms, Eugene Yang’s expression through the whole thing also became a subject of jokes made all over the internet. If the phrase “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,” was a person, it would be Eugene Yang’s expression throughout this video statement made.
I propose The Try Guys, become The Tri Guys + Ariel Fulmer. A new and improved group of people ready to try more new things. We were all blindsided by this. How could you, a successful man, with money, fame, children, and a beautiful wife, give that up for a coworker? Not a slay, Ned, not a slay at all.