Academic Burnout and How To Overcome It


Uswa Saeed

Student Aslyn Quijano doing homework and napping off the stress

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- We’ve all felt it. The dread that creeps in our hearts when we look at our Canvas page, the exhaustion etched in our expressions and demeanor. Over the past few years, academic burnout has become concerningly common among high schoolers, particularly seniors. According to, 75% of American high schoolers report “often or always feeling stressed” in relation to schoolwork. This is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed; so if you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by school, here are four tips to keep yourself mentally healthy and perseverant. 

Change Up Your Schedule

A lot of times, burnout can be caused by the repetitive nature of your daily routine. Although schoolwork and your regular classes are not something you can avoid, changing up what you do in your free time can help. You can pull yourself out of your slump by doing things you’re passionate about, or even starting something new. Fun activities such as playing a sport or learning to crochet can stimulate you and increase your energy levels. 

Learn Time Management

Time management is, in general, an incredibly important skill to have, but it can also be useful when it comes to stress. Burnout often happens due to overwhelming amounts of stress, and you can feel a lot better by overcoming it. Managing your schedule can be difficult, but by learning how to cut out things that aren’t necessary for you to do and keeping your workload to a healthy amount, you can start your journey towards good time management. It’s all a matter of prioritizing your time based on what your needs are and maintaining a balance between school, home, friends, and work if you have a job. Once you create a healthy schedule for yourself, you’ll have a lot less on your plate to worry about. 

Be Social

Being social may seem like a bad idea at first if you feel stressed about schoolwork, but it really is necessary. As stated earlier, keeping a balance between all aspects of your life is important, and that includes the social aspect. Oftentimes, if you find yourself worrying about school but not motivated to do anything, you may just need a break. As long as you don’t let it stop you from working at all, hanging out with your friends and family can be beneficial to your mental health. Give yourself time to relax and recover before continuing your work and you’ll find that you feel more driven to finish. 

Stay Healthy

This one may not be as obvious, but it’s a pretty simple one that can help you a lot. Keeping a healthy sleep schedule, setting a good routine for yourself, and getting some exercise can all give you a sense of structure and make you feel more energized. When your mind and body are more active, you’ll feel more productive and motivated to do your work. 

As a senior, senioritis has been hitting me hard, so I am also working towards doing these things for myself. Together, let’s work to gain back our motivation and finish off the year strong.