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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Teacher Feature: Ms. Garrett

Darius Moore
Ms. Garrett helps students construct the set for “Twisted Tales of Terror”

FRISCO, TEXAS– A new technical theatre director has joined the Titan Nation, and her passion is contagious. Through her interactive teaching styles, drive, and empathy for students, Ms. Garrett has already left an impact on the theatre department of Centennial High School.


Ms. Garrett is settling right into Centennial High School, sharing “it’s incredibly rewarding to collaborate with young, enthusiastic performers and technicians and guide them as they develop their talents. Watching them grow and witnessing their dedication to our productions is a source of great satisfaction for me. Building connections with these aspiring artists and helping them bring our theatrical visions to life is truly a fulfilling experience.


A strong partnership between a theatre department’s acting and technical directors is absolutely necessary for the success of not only the productions, but also the students behind them. This year, Mr. Moore– the acting director– and Ms. Garrett have displayed their ability to successfully lead the department after ambitiously deciding to produce two mainstage shows simultaneously.


She explained “I hope to lead students to create great work on stage and in the classroom. Since the beginning of the school year, we hit the ground running with all the big plans we have this year. Aside from great productions, I hope to help students grow and develop their skills. I want to focus on honing their design, building, and other technical abilities, ensuring they leave Titan Theatre with a strong foundation. In addition to the technical skills, I want to make sure I foster an atmosphere where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued.


Ms. Garrett is incredibly organized and detail-oriented, attributes that have proven very valuable in the department. Events are planned weeks in advance, everyone is always where they are supposed to be, and work gets done in a timely manner. This is also being instilled into her students, setting them up for success.


Mae Quinn, assistant technical director of Twisted Tales of Terror and International Thespian Society secretary, said “Ms. Garrett has introduced a new sense of organization and I have learned so much from her.”


Twisted Tales of Terror is Mae’s first experience stage managing, which is typically significantly daunting. Being a stage manager requires extensive knowledge of every aspect of technical theatre, the ability to command an entire group of people, and to carry out a director’s vision of a show as closely as possible, all while working under pressure.


However, with guidance from Ms. Garrett, Mae has been able to carry the weight of being stage manager, while still having a positive and educational experience. Mae shared “stage management was definitely something I thought would be out of my comfort zone, but I have quickly learned to love it and I owe a lot of that to Ms. Garrett.”


Ms. Garrett was previously employed as the theatre director at Scoggins Middle School, where she became familiar with Centennial High School’s Titan Theatre and Mr. Moore. Her connection with Mr. Moore and what he did for Centennial played a major factor in Ms. Garrett’s decision to take up the job.


“What really sealed the deal for me was the chance to work with Mr. Moore. I have known Mr. Moore since I joined Frisco ISD 5 years ago. I knew his exceptional drive, his fun personality, and his passion for theatre education. These qualities resonated with me, and I believed that working alongside him would not only be professionally rewarding but also enjoyable. So, it was a combination of being inspired by Centennial’s work and the prospect of collaborating with Mr. Moore that made me eager to take up the job opportunity.”


A good teacher provides knowledge to students in a fun and engaging way. However an exceptional teacher forms meaningful relationships with their students, and Ms. Garrett does just that. 


Although we are only two months into the school year, Ms. Garrett has left a significant impact on the department and the people in it and her future in the department is bright. Whether through leading by example or providing knowledge that extends beyond the theater, she is making her mark.

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Lillian Treat
Lillian Treat, Reporter
Hi everybody! My name is Lilly and I am a junior at Centennial High School. I am vice president of Titan Theatre and love to be involved in various theatre productions at our school. I am so excited to be a part of the Titan Times and I'm looking forward to a great year!