Programming Our Future

An inside look on what brought us one of our favorite teachers

Andrew Essue


One of the teachers involved in Frisco ISD is Eric Bockler, a teacher in the subject of computer science and a past participant of the US Navy and I.T.

Bockler inside the first plane he ever flew

Before joining Centennial, he worked as a pilot flying land based planes to track both friendly and enemy submarines. He joined the US Navy because he wanted to follow in his parents footsteps and found a strong interest in serving his country. His time in the Navy gave him a chance to experience many things such as attending the Navel Reserves Officer Training Corps at the University of Oklahoma and attending flight school. He had opportunity to fly a variety of jets (The T-34B,T-34C,T-44,P-3B and P-3C) while recruiting officers in the state of Michigan and traveling around the world.

His desire to teach Computer Science came from a childhood interest in computers. The first computer his family owned was an Apple IIe. He eventually got the chance to learn the programming language used for Disk Operating Systems in high school when he worked as a teacher aid for one of the few people who had access to a school computer.

Midshipman 1
Bockler in his uniform.
Bockler with his oldest son

“This is my 7th year teaching Computer Science at Centennial High,” Bockler said.  “I enjoy meeting and working with excellent co-workers.  It is nice to be able to work with and give back to the future generations.” His service extends far beyond his time in the navy, and Centennial is thankful for all he does.