NHS Gives Back

Bailee Johnson, Reporter


Throughout November and December, NHS gathered money from the members and used it to buy gifts for those sponsored through Angel Tree. Once this was accomplished, they decided that that wasn’t enough. With the extra money, they gave each Cafeteria worker a $25 to Mellow Mushroom. Mr. Singler, one of the NHS Sponsors, explains that “we wanted to make sure that every member of the cafeteria staff knew how much we appreciate all of their efforts every single day”.

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While all of this was happening, Wakeland Stickens, son of Ms. Joanna Stickens, who is a part of our wonderful cafeteria staff, had been in the hospital for a few months, going through a couple different surgical procedures. “Being a parent,” Mr. Singler says, “I felt this was a ‘cause’ that NHS could get behind and give both of them a very special Christmas”. With all of the donations, Wakeland ended up receiving and Xbox, a PS3, 62 games for the game systems, and a new TV.


As high school students, it’s easy to look past all of the hard work put into making our lunches every single day. Although it may seem like a simple job, there’s more that goes into it than what it looks like on the outside. They spend all day preparing food, which most of us take for granted. Next time you go through the cafeteria line, make sure to give them a smile.