Cell Phones Are Drugs

Cell Phones Aren’t Good For Teens

Kiyah Edwards, Reporter

Parents will never understand why teens are so addicted to cell phones. Once you become addicted it’s torture to be away from it for so long. Parents say that we need to spend less time on our cell phones, yet they keep giving it back when it’s taken away. For example, you get grounded from grades and your parents take away your phone but they have to give it back eventually to keep in contact. But during the time that your phone is away from you teens began to think they’re missing out on everything and they start to crave for it. That becomes a drug-like addiction. Once you get your phone back your addiction has started all over again.

Many apps that teens are using now are free such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. It pulls teens closer to them, because what teen doesn’t like something free? “Teens spend more that seven and a half hours on their cell phones in one day,” said Masuma Ahuja. Teens are so distracted from the real world they’re forgetting what reality really is. When you’re on your phone to much you become lonely because your just sitting in your room all alone. You become depressed and stressed. Teens feel that a cell phone will make them happy when in reality it’s brainwashing them.

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Also the messages that are sent and received on our phones makes us even more distracted. For example teens are losing sleep because they don’t know when to put their phone down. When teens need to be asleep they get messages and feel they need to text someone back or they are just so tempted to see what was sent. So they stay on their phones until there eyes just can’t take it anymore.

Teens also feel they need to know what’s going on in the super star world. Super stars are a huge role model to society today. Very few of them set good examples for teens but yet teens still look up them. They enjoy seeing what they’re  wearing, who they’re dating and even who doesn’t like whom. And honestly if it wasn’t for teens, celebrities wouldn’t be who they are today so they most they could do is be a good example.

Another reason teens are so distracted is because they feel they have privacy from their parents. If they’re doing inappropriate things on their cell phones such as sending pictures, cursing or even bullying they feel their parents wont find out what they’re doing. So everything they do thats “private” is on their cell phones.

Parents play a huge role in these situations because they don’t always check on their children and ask how they’re doing. Some parents feel that just because their children are putting this fake smile on their face  expressing they’re happy when they’re not. Teens are so blocked out from the real world they’re confused on what’s reality and what’s fake. Parents don’t even ask their children for their passwords. They don’t take time to realize that their teens are hurting and don’t know it.