Shattered Dreams 2015

You can drink. You can drink and drive. You can drink, drive and die.


Students from Centennial High School participated in a dramatization of a drunk driving accident following a typical high school party. This event, sponsored by the Frisco Police and Fire Departments and the Frisco Independent School District, rotates among the district’s high schools and scheduled before students attend their senior prom. Hopefully, the reenactment will hit home with students and make them think before choosing to drink and get behind the wheel or get in the car of someone else who has been drinking.

Titan TV

Shattered Dreams was held in April at CHS. This is the first year the district has held two events with the other being at Wakeland High School. As the district continues to grow, the plans are to continue to have the event held at one east-side and one west-side campus. This should allow the program to be held at each campus every four years, impacting the majority of the students in the district.