I Scream, You Scream.

We all scream for Blue Bell!


Other brands will have to soon make way for Blue Bell as it returns to stores. (Photo by Kayla M)

Kayla McCullough and Ashley Hilton


Texans and Titans all have been craving their beloved Blue Bell. Thankfully the ice cream was returned to the shelves in early November.

Miranda Hayes, a payroll clerk at Kroger, said that they were excited for it’s return because of all the questions they had been asked by their customers.

“I know us Texas love our Blue Bell,” she said, “so they’re probably just as excited as I am to see it come back.”

Hayes said the process took longer than expected because Blue Bell  tested it and made sure it was safe before it could be delivered back to the public.

Students were extremely enthusiastic as well.

Patrick Pittman, a Centennial junior, expressed his excitement because it was a family favorite in the Pittman household.

Another student, Jonny Hernandez, just loves his ice cream.

“ I really like ice cream,” he said. “They make really good ice cream.” 

Overall, it looks like the Titan family is overjoyed to welcome this favorite sweet treat home!