Social Media Influence on Fashion

Sorna Taghizadeh, Staff Reporter

It seems like we are constantly glued to our social media accounts and talking about the latest celebrity gossip. Social media and pop culture have a huge effect on the fashion industry today.

The immediacy of the Internet really drives the clothing trends.”Social media has an influence over today’s fashion trends in the fact that it’s almost immediate. You can do almost anything at home now. The media has influenced and we are such an immediate society,” said Kathy Jones, fashion design teacher.

Movie stars and music artists also shape our ideas of what is cool to wear.

“Celebrities are a huge influence. We see the celebrities from following them on Twitter to being apart of a Snapchat group,” she said. “We think that is the way society should look. Some of the new winter trends are lots of different coats and vests. Vests are the new big thing.”

“We probably aspire to dress like our favorite characters and celebrities because we want to be like them,” said freshman Alexus Jones.

Television shows an d movies also have inspired new trends as well.

“The TV show Scream Queens has a big influence on fashion and social media and pop culture with the fur coats and peppiness,” said senior Erykah Warren. “The movie, Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is wearing a lot of leather and edgy clothes. Its very futuristic and popular this winter.

“[In] Drake’s Hotline Bling video he wears a puffer jacket and the turtle necks,” Warren said. “That’s a really popular trend right now. And Adele’s Hello Music Video, her fur coats and Yeezy Season part 2.”

Speed and ease drive the Internet sharing.

“Social media is really powerful in the fashion industry because it’s really quick and easy,” Warren said. “Everyone can go on it and share their posts and ideas.”