A Holiday Hit Single

December 23, 2015

Living in the DFW area its not surprising when someone makes it big, though Randy Brooks adds a little twist to his road to fame. His hit song began it’s journey as a parody of Merle Haggard’s “Grandma’s Christmas Card,” only serving to create a couple laughs in a few bars, yet it took off. Never planning on officially recording the song, it was an initial surprise of how much popularity the song gained in such a short timeframe.

Whether it’s a toasty 70 degrees or a blizzard outside, the hit single brings families across the globe together. Not only did it unite families, the holiday anthem helped Brooks to become the singer/songwriter he is today, now apart of band. In addition to Brooks’, his nephew, Adam, has followed and created a band to express his musical talent as well.

Over 30 years later, the song has created more than a name for itself, its a Christmas icon. This parody opened the door to many opportunities for Brooks who now has the ability to perform at festivals and cafes exclusive to songwriters, like the Bluebird cafe in Nashville.

Not only is the song being played all throughout the month of December, it became an essential part of the holiday season. It makes appearances in  cartoons, movies, toys, clothing, mugs, ornaments (just to name a few) and an abundance of Christmas memorabilia.

People from all over want to hear the stories behind the music as much as they want to hear the music itself. The iconic tune tells the comedic story of Christmas and the magic in believing.

Being local to DFW, Brooks brings the holiday spirit closer to home, making it clear that we can still believe.



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