Star Wars: the Force Awakens

Did it live up to the hype?

Connor Reddington, Cen10 News Reporter


Star Wars: the Force Awakens has been long awaited. With the hype that has been built around this movie, as well as the Star Wars franchise in general, there were incredible expectations to live up to. With domestic Box Offices reaching $1.85 Billion, it broke Disney’s previous record of $1.72 Billion, which was set in 2013. In addition to this, it broke the records for preview shows on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday with $57 Million on Thursday, $119.9 Million on Friday, and $60.55 Million on Sunday. In regards to Saturday, Star Wars came up in 3rd place of all time, reaching $68.3 Million. It fell behind The Avengers at $68.55 Million, and Jurassic World at $68.6 Million.

But on to the more important question- what did the people┬áthink of the movie? According to Rotten Tomatoes, Star Wars received a 93% approval rating from critics, and a 90% approval rating from the normal populace. That’s pretty outstanding, considering how strict critics usually are on most blockbuster mega-hit movies. According to critic Christy Lemire, “[Abrams] exceeded my expectations of what this experience would be like- and it is truly an experience on both a cultural and an emotional level, and not just your everyday Saturday night at the multiplex.”

Overall, the critics and moviegoers agree- Star Wars has indeed lived up to its overwhelming expectations, and the overwhelming consensus is that if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re definitely missing out.