Fire Risk Leads to Hoverboard Ban


Conner Donisi, Cen10 News Reporter

As most of you know the latest and hottest item is the hover board, but you might have also heard some negative controversy regarding the product. Why is it exploding? Is it safe to purchase? These questions are often asked questions when people are worried about the safety of the board.

It is reported that the main issue is due to a cheap lithium ion battery, which when over charged expands and then when there is harsh use of the board there may be little parts that may puncture the battery. When that happens the battery may catch fire or in extreme cases may even explode.

Here are some tips to help ensure the safety of the board and the rider

  • Only charge for the time provided in the owners manual
  • Make sure you have some record of where you got it from so that if there are issues you can return it and maybe get it fixed
  • Don’t just buy the cheapest one from a unknown site because those ones could possibly contain the “cheap” battery
  • Lastly, don’t abuse your board

REMEMBER hover boards are NOT allowed on Frisco ISD campuses