College Fair Success


Emma Kemp, Cen10 News Reporter

The college selection process is a two-way street. Choosing your college is based on more than just educational opportunities but financial needs, location and more. The College Fair at Lone Star High School gave students the opportunity to communicate with future colleges and find their best fit.

Centennial Counselor, Cindy Marshall, said students should attend the fair to learn about their options.

“This gives the students an opportunity to be exposed to colleges that they may never have heard of,” Marshall said, emphasizing the idea that you don’t have to go to a big name college to get a good education. Marshall also mentioned how students need to consider their major, and joked that students should “not go to an Arizona school if they want to study marine biology, that sort of thing.”

Attending college fairs to expand one’s knowledge of the colleges out there.

“College is more than just about where mom and dad went or where your friends are going. The same college isn’t going to be the best fit for everyone.” she said.

Family Connections, a digital resource to help students connect with colleges. However, searching for a college using that tool can be overwhelming.

“There are over 53,000 schools on Family Connections, and it’s not necessarily wise to search through each one,” Marshal said. “The college fair will be a more focused opportunity for students to easily see what colleges they are and aren’t interested in.”

This year’s fair was held on Jan. 27.  The FISD holds college fairs multiple times a year, so continue to look at Frisco ISD’s calendar at to stay up to date on when you can attend the next one.