Jaywalking could cost you


Pedestrians should always use a crosswalk when one is present.

Robbie Alexander, Reporter

As students we want things so instantaneous that we put our lives at risk. We jaywalk. Jaywalk is what we do to “get places faster” or we think we can outrun a car.

The Texas State Law states “Between adjacent intersections at which traffic control signals are in operation, a pedestrian may cross only in a marked crosswalk.”

Crossing outside the crosswalk has been a  problem at Centennial.

“Jaywalking is when one fails to cross at a crosswalk when one is available ” Student Resource Officer Avery Jones said. “Using the crosswalk gives you the right away and it’s safe.”

Students can be ticketed and fined for not following the law.

“It’s dangerous and illegal to jaywalk,” Jones said. “If an officer see you jaywalking, they are subject to cite you up to $500 and it’s a Class C misdemeanor.” 

Using the crosswalk is safer for students as it makes them more visible to drivers.