UNT branches into Frisco


Mitchell Gregor

The Mezzazine Technology board at the UNT branch in Frisco.

Mitchell Gregor, Cen10 News Reporter

The University of North Texas is a popular destination for DFW high school students to choose because not only is it an excellent campus with various different specialties that furnish a wide variety of occupations, it is now opening up a location that is closer than Denton right here in Frisco. The building is located on Internet Blvd and will be focused mostly on gaming, sports management, communication design, cyber security and data science.

“It’s working outside the walls of a traditional university,” administrator Brenda Sims said. “We’re going to have interactive course for students…it’s going to be an exciting place where students can learn in an interactive manner.”

They will now hold the honor of being the only four-year public institution in Collin County.

“We see a great opportunity with students from Frisco to bring education to this very exciting area,” Sims said.

Administrator Brenda Sims explaining explains the technology available at the new UNT branch in Frisco.
Administrator Brenda Sims explaining explains the technology available at the new UNT branch in Frisco.

The other intriguing feature of the new branch is its new and hi-tech devices that will be used in the building. They will have TV monitors that multiple students can connect their laptops to making group work easier. Electronic displays outside indicates if the room is occupied or not, minimizing classroom interruption.

And finally, their most impressive technological advance is the Mezzanine Training Session. Mrs. Sims believes they are the only college campus aside from MIT that posses this technology and ability.

“We’ll be able to talk to people in China, and they might have content on a white wall, that we can save here and move it around on the walls and talk about it and think about it and interact with it.”

This new campus sight is much more than just a rented out building. UNT seems to be building something solid here in Frisco that many students will most likely respond to. Other campuses could follow suit, but for now, UNT has an upper hand when it comes to the future.