I love a rainy night

Ashley Hilton, Cen10 News Reporter

It’s dark and gloomy as the rain beats down on the roof providing a steady and comforting rhythm. We all just want to stay in our homes, under a cozy blanket. What else do we want to do? Binge watch our favorite TV shows!

Some great choices on Netflix are One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights.

One Tree Hill is a 2003-2012 TV show about two half-brothers that happen to both have a love of basketball.

One brother is the captain of the basketball team and the other is just a street ball player. This show takes you through the ups and downs of Lucas and Nathan Scott. Like typical siblings, they hate each other one minute and are best friends the next.

One Tree Hill is a show of many twists and cliffhangers and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Many things happen that you would not even think about. It has nine seasons and is a very long, addictive show. I don’t regret any of the countless hours I spent watching this show!

Friday Night Lights ran from 2006-2011 and is about t a new coach taking on the Dillon Panther football team.

Dillon is a small town that lives off of football. Every friday night the entire town comes together to watch their favorite football team in action. The pressure of winning is unbelievable and intriguing.

You meet many different characters that change completely over time. It was a great experience to watch the journey of the entire story unfold.

So if you are stuck at home on a rainy Friday night and the only lights you see are the flashes of lightning, curl up with that blanket and grab your remote. It’s time for Netflix!