Kelsey Mansfield

Power nap during Economics

Kelsey Mansfield

Could somebody you know have senioritis? Maybe they’re inattentive. Or maybe they might be apathetic and negligent. They might have all those traits.

There are two types of Symptoms

  1. procrastination
  2. carefree


This is avoiding something that needs to be accomplished. We’ve all had this, but when it comes to those affected by senioritis it can’t be stopped. Those math assignments will be calculated 15 minutes before the bell rings. Even this news story is being written hours before my due date.

This smart senior brought his blanket to Economics.
Kelsey Mansfield
This smart senior brought his blanket to Economics.


This symptom is easy to recognize. That kid wearing the oversized sweatshirt and baggy pants? Senioritis. Just last period the guy I sit across from in Economics brought his own blanket to class, now that’s commitment. After all, We only have a couple months left of being in this building, who cares what we look like?



Want to avoid senioritis?

  • Don’t stress over college admission! Stop getting into extra curriculars just because it might look good on your application. Do the things you enjoy and feel show your strengths. Many colleges like students who make better choices for the benefit of themselves, rather than the applications purposely crafted to impress colleges.
  • Find the perfect medium between too stressed and slacking.
  • I get it, you’ve already been accepted to the school you’ve worked your whole life to get into. Don’t relax just yet, some colleges want to see your second semester grades and can even revoke admission.
  • The slacking might seem well deserved but remember you put almost 12 years into this, another couple months won’t be that drastic.
  • Enjoy your last couple months with all these people in the same room. Have some fun and enjoy the moments, nothing will be the same as being a high schooler. It might feel like it’s the last time for everything, make that positive.