Global Dreams


Emma Kemp, Cen10 News Reporter

When we are young, we’re often told to follow our dreams. One Centennial student is doing that by pursuing just that. By combining her faith and musical talent, senior Ravin Kombo is flying across the world to attend college in Sydney, Australia to become a worship pastor at Hillsong College.

Kombo is making way for a global achievement. “Technology is going to help me out with staying in touch with my family. Some students don’t even want to leave Texas for college, let alone the country, so I’m taking a big step right out of graduation,” Kombo said while talking about how the move affect her family relationships. Kombo will be leaving behind her mom and sister in Frisco, but will be able to live with an uncle during her time in Australia. “Even though I’m going to be away from my immediate family, at least I’ll have a familiar face everyday.”

To help her prepare for the big move, Kombo has a friend from their church’s worship team that is encouraging her through everything. Morgan Lunsford is a senior as well at another Frisco ISD high school and is close friends with Kombo. “Ravin excels in everything she does, so Australia won’t be any different for her. Of course there will be complications at first, but Ravin can make it through anything,” Lunsford said when talking about what she expects from Kombo in Australia. This strong-hearted attitude from Lunsford has helped motivate Kombo to continue with this decision.

Kombo has a sister at Centennial, Moraa, who has had a lighter outlook on the entire situation. “Well, I am scared that something will happen to her because it’s a completely different country. But on the bright side, I will be able to take Ravin’s car and clothes, so there’s a positive to everything,” Moraa said as she was talking about what she thinks about when thinking about her sister’s move. Although most would want their siblings to be more sad than eager for them to leave the house, Kombo knows her sister means well. “Moraa is just putting on a facade because she doesn’t want people to know that she actually loves me.”

There is no dream too big, and Ravin Kombo is a perfect example of that. Congratulations to Kombo on creating this amazing opportunity.