Spring into Football

Robbie Alexander, Cen10 News Reporter

The football offseason has made its transition to Spring Football under the new head coach, Matt Webb.

The Titans are in full gear giving 110% each and every day of Spring Football Practice.

“My expectation is to build on team core values and compete at different positions,” Webb said. “I also expect the players to grow as a team and learn more about each other because it’s more than just playing football.”

In addition to building the team on a personal level, Webb talks about his own goals.

“My goal is to get the basic offensive and defensive schemes and plays in so they [the players] will be familiar with it on the first day of fall football practice,” Webb said. “I also want to evaluate personnel.”

Defensive coordinator, Justin Schuff, agreed with Webb’s plan of action.

“And we want to install the base defense and create new habits,” Schuff said.

The Spring Football Game will be held at Centennial’s football field on May 26, at 6 p.m.

…because it’s more than just playing football.”

— Coach Webb