Do We Really Care About School Spirit?

September 19, 2016

Centennial High School, a campus awarded for its academic achievement, strives to involve students in events regarding school spirit to create a fun and personal learning environment. But is all that effort really paying off or are we still just numbers on a chart? As Bryce Ford, freshman, put it.

School spirit can be drawn from many places: sports, clubs, events, etc. These things help to form a community where we feel involved and connected.

“I wouldn’t have know anyone,” said freshman Lilee Simpson, as she describes her involvement with both the soccer and basketball team.

Not many other students share Simpson’s opinion however. According to freshman Jessica Mata, spirit is not necessary for learning and doesn’t affect her. School spirit can be shown by tee shirts and special days such as red out and wear neon on games days. But that is not for everyone and students such as Skylar Burke. “there is no energy what so ever”  Burke said. “Shirts and special days can be fun but don’t seem to influence school spirit.” Students just don’t seem to care about school spirit.


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