School Spirit…How Can We Cheer Louder?

September 19, 2016

Centennial High School is really trying to amp up school spirit this year by motivating students to cheer for their school. They are asking students to wear Titan Spiritwear, join clubs, attend games, and cheer as loud as they can.

“We have a lot of school spirit,” freshman Anisha Zaman said.

There are a lot of groups to be involved in, such as marching band, color guard, or the dance team, that all serve to raise school spirit.

“Rivalry between schools has helped it [school spirit] a lot.” junior Alexandra Chandler said. She claims that competition between rival schools boosts spirit and really motivates students to be more supportive.

But, there is room to improve. Zaman suggested adding a more variety of clubs. A bigger variety would cover more student interests, which in turn will draw in a bigger crowd of club members.

“If you aren’t as involved in clubs or activities, you don’t have as much spirit,” Zaman said.

Another thing she proposed was making it mandatory to attend at least one social event a year, a field trip of sorts, so students can step outside their comfort zone and maybe find new interests.

“Not forcing, but a little push,” Zaman said.

Chandler mentioned that adding more group-based activities will have a positive impact. She alluded to her freshmen year spent at Independence High School, where they had many group based activities.

“We’re basically the school,” Chandler said.

Students bring the most to school spirit, so it’s their responsibility to change things.

So, what are you going to do?


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