School Spirit

September 19, 2016

At a high school, one of the most important events for the student body is the football games and pep rallies. This fosters school spirit and unity, and makes people more supportive of each other. Saee Joshi emphasized the importance of Centennial’s school spirit.

“I don’t want to look back on my high school [after graduation] and see a place,” Joshi said. “I don’t want to remember it like that. I want to see the memories.”

She also recalls the clubs and organizations at Centennial.

“I see people coming together in clubs as a family,” Joshi states.

Her little brother goes to Curtsinger Elementary. She recalls how he talks to her about Centennial, the admiration for the “big kids” showing clearly.

“He came home one day and told us about one of their pep rallies, where all the elementary students chanted, ‘CHS! CHS!,’” she remembers. “I don’t think many people here have the same kind of school spirit he does.”

That is the kind of school spirit she envisions, one that will help bring unity and camaraderie to the students.


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