Apple Revolutionizes The Term “Operating System”

Reggie AbuEid and Marc Capezzera

Apple has released a revolutionary update yet again. iOS 10 was introduced to the public on Sept. 13 and changed many major features.

One of the first things Apple introduced was the new iMessage platform with traits such as turning on read receipts for specific people, being able to play games such as Billiards and Tic-Tac-Toe and send sketches to your friends. You can also “animate” texts before sending them by holding down the send button.

“I like the new features on iMessage where you can play games with your friends,” sophomore Chen Katzman said.

Sophomore Connor Wilson said that iMessaging is now cool again.

“The emojis are a lot bigger” he said. “You can send drawings to your friends.”

The home layout also changed. Little features such as changes to the Notifications layout, the ability to delete developer apps, and the Control Center is more user-friendly.

Apple also came out with Home, a brand new app that gives the ability to control most smart devices in your home such as a thermostat, alarm systems, door locks, and even your TV.