National Merit Semifinalists

Tommy Rackers, Cen10News Reporter

Two CHS students, Seniors Michelle Bao and Alex Kim, were named National Merit Semifinalists, with one of them making a perfect score on the ACT.

Alex Kim was able to get a perfect score, an accomplishment only .083% of test takers are able to accomplish. Around 1.5 million students take the PSAT with 50,000 of these students gaining high enough scores to get recognition in the National Merit® Scholarship Program. Then in early September, about 16,000 students, or approximately one-third of the 50,000 high scorers, are notified that they have qualified as Semifinalists. Finally, to even be considered for a National Merit® Scholarship, Semifinalists must advance to Finalist standing in the competition by meeting high academic standards and all other requirements. Once you have been qualified to become a Finalists you are notified in February of your senior year. Then this number is narrowed down again to around 8,000 who are awarded scholarships. If this happens then NSMC will notify the students in march that they got the scholarship. 

Wish these two students luck in their efforts towards this goal!

Michelle Bao, senior.
Alex Kim, senior