Hello, Homecoming!

Sweethearts strike a pose during the pep rally performance. Photographer: Emma Bittner


After a long day, mums had begun to shed their decorations and now adorned the halls of the school. Feathers, ribbons and beads littered the floor as hundreds of students flooded the gym and filled the stands. The music from the banded erupted into the gym, the sweethearts were and cheerleaders were warming up and the pep rally was well on its way.

It’s never a surprise of how much goes on during our pep rallies, the few we do have. Pep rallies are a time for our school to get excited about the upcoming event, in this case: Homecoming.

After everyone was settled and on their feet, Mr. Reeder began with a few opening words and welcoming in the football and volleyball players, who took a seat on the edge of the court in front of the stands. Vibe led our school in the National Anthem and then the pep rally got down to business.

Student participating in the alma matter.                  Photographer: Emma Bittner


Performances from the Sweethearts, Cheerleaders and band led up to the announcement of homecoming court. The winners for freshmen, sophomores and juniors were announced, but this year king and queen were announced at the dance instead of the pep rally. Congratulations to

  • Freshman Prince: Rowan Fink
  • Freshman Princess: Grace Jackson
  • Sophomore Prince: Matthew Green
  • Sophomore Princess: Hollyn Torres
  • Junior Prince: Brock Floyd
  • Junior Princess: Tatum Stephens

Concluding the pep rally, each grade participated in a game to see who could wrap a staff volunteer with four rolls of toilet paper the quickest. In the end, the sophomores won, barely, but they won. As the winners claimed their title the band played the alma matter, with their Cs up everyone joined in, bringing the pep rally to a close.


Junior Prince and Princess. Photographer: Emma Bittner

Facing off against the Liberty Redhawks Face paint, posters, colored hair and white shirts covered Centennial’s side at the Ford Center. The game was set to start at 7:00 and homecoming court would be announced roughly around 6:40. The senior homecoming court came to the dance dress to the nines, the girls wearing floor length gowns and the boys wearing suits and ties.

Announced by grade, the freshmen walked first, then sophomores and juniors. One by one, the senior nominees were announced and escorted by either their mom, dad, or friend to the middle of the field.

As the court made their way off the field, the Sweethearts took their position next to the flag runners, ready for the team to storm the field. The announcers welcomed everyone to the Ford and recognized both of the teams playing. The Titans ran onto the field following the flag runners, along side of Sweethearts.

In the second half of the game, Centennial lost their lead and ended up losing to Liberty. With a 35-44 loss, the homecoming game wrapped up around 10 pm at the Ford Center.

The Dance 

Pearls and diamonds adorned the necks of girls as they entered the school on Saturday night. Hundreds of students filed into the newly decorated cafeteria to dance the night away.

King and Queen pose for a picture. Photographer: Robbie Alexander

It was time, around 10 pm the homecoming king and queen were finally crowned. Students gathered around as Heather King was named homecoming queen and Christopher Green was named homecoming king.

After crowning the two winners, students continued to dance with friends and enjoy their snow cones provided by the Snow Cone Lady. There is something about dancing barefoot in a school cafeteria that makes some of the most memorable moments.

Overall, this homecoming was one for the books.