Katherine McGee visits Centennial


Robbie Alexander

Katharine McGee releases her new book The Thousandth Floor (Photo by: Robbie Alexander)

Robbie Alexander, Cen10 News Reporter

Imagine walking into a house and right before your eyes, you see robots cleaning. Young adult Author Katharine McGee has imagined this in her new book The Thousandth Floor.

McGee visited the campus on Tuesday during fourth period to promote the new science fiction read.

McGee is from Houston, TX and went to Princeton University to study English and French literature. She also went to Stanford University to get her Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A).

“This novel is a direct response to The Hunger Games,” McGee said. “It is futuristic.”

McGee talks about examples of futuristic things.

“Your refrigerator can reorder food for you when you’re running out,” McGee said.