DASH week


Graphic created by: Tommy Rackers

Tommy Rackers, Cen10News Reporter

October 31 to November 4 is DASH (drugs, alcohol, safety and health awareness) week! The students have chosen their dress up themes and teachers are encouraged to participate! As always, all student and teacher costumes must be in dress code. 

Monday – Halloween – “Scare away drugs”  – No gore/death, wigs or masks. Minimal face paint is okay.  Considering the concerns in the news and schools lately, absolutely no clown costumes of any kind will be permitted in school.

Tuesday – Decade Day “Leave drugs in the past” – Dress like a hippie, a greaser, 80s mallrat, 60s mod, 20s flapper, a peasant from the 1430s, etc.

Wednesday – Pajama Day “Put drugs to rest” – flannel pajama bottoms or onesies are okay. Tights or leggings may be worn, but as always, they must have a fingertip length cover.

Thursday – USA Day “We UNITE against drugs” – wear your red, white and blue to show your American and CHS pride! American flags and bald eagles! ‘MERICA!

Friday – Camo Day “Evade Drugs and hunt the Heritage Coyotes” – wear your camo from head to toe! They won’t see you coming!