Alessia Cara

Alexandra Chandler, Cen10 News Reporter

Popular singer Alessia Cara performed last Saturday in Grand Prairie as part of her tour, Know-it-All Part 2.

Her concert was opened by not one but two popular artists, Nathan Sykes and Ruth B. Sykes is a former member of the popular British band, The Wanted, and is now pursuing a solo career with his debut album, Unfinished Business, coming out in November. He sang a few songs from his new album, including “Kiss Me Quick” and “Give it Up.”

The second opener, Ruth B, shot to fame this past year with her popular song, “Lost Boy.” She began her set with a few lesser known songs, like “Golden.” She rounded it up with “Lost Boy” and another song gaining traction, “Superficial Love.”

In the break before Cara began, people milled around. The Verizon Center she performed in is small compared to some of her other venues, with a seating capacity of 6,500, and an actual attendance of about 4,000.

Alessia Cara began her concert with the hit song, “I’m Yours.” After that song, she introduced her next number.

“Coming from a place like Brampton, in Canada, you just don’t really think you’re gonna make it out of that city, or that place,” she tells the audience, “and I definitely didn’t, and because of this I spent a lot of time staring at the walls, staring at the ceiling, hoping that I could one day do this [sing professionally], and the fact that I am doing this is incredible, and it’s crazy, and it’s all because of you, so thank you for that.”

After singing every song on her new album, slowing down with “Stone” and “Stars,” before speeding back up with “Outlaws;” she finished her concert with the song that launched her career, “Here.” She left the stage briefly, but came back to give an encore with “My Song.”