VASE Art Competition Winners


Ashley Ham

Jessica Nguyen’s portrait.

Laura Nicolescu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

This weekend, 22 Titans competed in VASE (the UIL art competition). There were over 2,000 artworks submitted by 29 schools from 11 districts in Region 10N. Centennial did extremely well as 26 out of 31 artworks scored in the highest division possible. One Titan even made the cut for the State competition. Please congratulate these students for creating this amazing artwork:

Division 1 (Art 1) Ranking of 4 (Highest possible ranking):

Leelu Abrahamson

Camellia An

Oscar Barrera

Rachel Diaz

Emma Dixon

Alexis Ferguson

Amy Gu

Connie Hu

Lilly Kim

Lindsey Kim

Matthew Mun

Olivia Pineda

Anna Truong


Division 2, Ranking of 4:

Jessica Nguyen

Dallas Liang

Wani Zhang


Division 4, (AP Studio Art) Ranking of 4:

Shanell Bagdasaryants

Peyton Stryker

Andreana Tabacco

Grace Zhang


State Qualifier:

Jessica Nguyen