Game. Set. Match!


Ashley Hilton and Sorna Taghizadeh

Congratulations to our students for placing in the past tournaments!

Lone Star Tournament:

  • Connie Hu & Amy Gu – 1st in A Cons Girls Doubles
  • Morgan Waldron & Jennifer Tomic – 1st in B Cons Girls Doubles
  • Sam Straub & Phillip Millsap – 3rd in A Boys Doubles
  • Drew Ramsey & Taylor Chapman  – 1st in A Cons Mixed
  • Bronte Williams & Kyle Kibby – 3rd in B mixed

Marcus Tournament:

  • Abishek Joshi & Asia Thaggard – Cons Final A Mixed

Prosper Tournament

  • Abishek Joshi- 1st in B Cons Boys Single
  • Sam Straub & Phillip Millsap -2nd Boys A Doubles
  • Drew Ramsey & Taylor Chapman- 1st in Cons Mixed A