Speech, Debate and Interp Team Results


Emily Walker, Cen10 News Reporter

At their first tournament this year, the Titan Speech, Debate, and Interp team placed second overall in sweepstakes. Competing from 7:30am to 10:30pm many of the students broke into semi and final rounds. The results are as listed as below:

Varsity Public Forum Quarter Finalists
Naman Mathur and Rajas Kothari

Novice Public Forum-second place
Dharma Patel and Rahmah Isa

Prose Semi Finalists
Lucas Moulden
Ahmad Ali
Anisha Holla

Original Oratory Semi Finalists
Tayisiya Chernenko
Audrika Masud

Sanya Maini- Fifth place
Shilpika Pandey- third place

Poetry Semi Finalists
Tayisiya Chernenko
Katie Gressett

Neerul Gupta- second place

Program of Oral Interp
Hitha Gudipati- eighth place

Garion Frankel- sixth place

Domestic Extemp
Garion Frankel- first place

Novice Extemp
Hamzi Suhail- first place
Shilpika Pandey – second place
Naman Mathur- fifth place
Alexis Ludeman- sixth place