New Teacher Features 2017 Edition

September 19, 2017

The Centennial Halls are filled with many new faces this year. The new additions to our staff range from administration to counselors to teachers. Here are a few of the newest teachers at Centennial.


Michelle Ott- Counselor

Michelle Ott started her career at Blalack Middle School. She then moved to Renner Middle School, and then Wester Middle School afterwards. Next, she went to Stafford Middle School where she began her career as a counselor. Finally, she went back to Wester Middle School, where she worked as a counselor for five years.

Now, Ott is working at CHS. But she wasn’t always a counselor; she used to work as a special Ed teacher. She worked mainly as a behavior specialist. This is Ott’s first high school. She thinks the administration team is great, but her favorite part of the job is the students.

“It’s good to see the good and be with the kids,” Ott said.


Michele Brown – Health Science Teacher

“I knew as a little girl I wanted to be a nurse,” Michele Brown, Centennial’s current HOSA advisor and Health Science Teacher said.

She attended South Plains College in Levelland, Texas for nursing school. She has been a registered nurse and EMT for 30 years, and has spent 15 years teaching. She taught at two schools prior to Centennial; Muleshoe High School and Canyon High School each in their respective towns. She was the advisor for the medical club at those schools as well.

Brown said she loves teaching and medicine very much, so now she’s living the dream and incorporating both into her career. 


Chelsey Rogers – Art Teacher

If there’s something you enjoy doing, you should pursue it as a career. Chelsey Rogers, Centennial’s newest art teacher, realized this after finishing college.

The self-taught artist was a math teacher for two years before deciding to become an art teacher. She had already been painting and giving art lessons for six years before that.

Mrs. Rogers attended Texas A&M in Texarkana. This is where her teaching career began, with her teaching math at Texas Middle School. This only lasted a couple years when she transferred to Princeton High School and began teaching art.

“I loved seeing students being creative, it was such a contrast from being in math and thinking analytically.” Mrs. Rogers said.

As this year’s art club sponsor, Mrs. Rogers is planning on doing fun projects that you wouldn’t normally do in class. She hopes to explore with clay and tie dye, things that she doesn’t work with often.

“I’m trying to push myself to do more, like we do the students,” Mrs. Rogers said.


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