Sriracha on Fire!


Anisha Zaman, Cen10 News Reporter

Deserted highways, rusty pianos, and Sriracha sauce?

New and upcoming hip hop artist Marteen has released a single, entitled “Sriracha”, in July under Warner Bros Records. The song features a great piano riff and a nice bass line, and the music video that accompanies it encompasses all of the energy that the song has.

Marteen Estevez, 16, is from California’s San Francisco Bay Area. A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, he describes his music as a “modern take on nineties R&B with a little Bay Area edge.”

Sriracha is a certainly catchy song; the beat is easy to bop your head to. In fact, it’s hard not to want to dance hearing it. Estevez’s singing voice compliments the instrumental and is stronger than his rapping. Some of the lyrics have weak meanings, but it’s amusing how most lines are food-themed to go with the aspect of Sriracha, and the lyrics flow with ease.

The video’s setting was a bit confusing; the backdrops were interesting to watch but didn’t contribute to the song that much. However, this did not take away from the good vibes emitted from the video. The dancers, all wearing matching black Sriracha shirts, were a nice touch. Their choreography could have been better,  but they all looked very happy and had a lot of energy. The racial diversity between them was spectacular.

There were some visually pleasing scenes of Estevez with his love interest; the color elements in those parts complimented the video. However, the appearances of this “love interest” were sporadic and awkward. Her presence should have been more recurring than it was.

Overall, the undefined theme of the video fell a bit short, but the song was good. It’s one of those songs where you need to listen to it at least twice to get hooked, but after you listen to it those two times, you won’t be able to stop singing, “Girl, you got a body like Sriracha!” 

You can listen to the song here.