Semester Shorts

December 12, 2017

We interviewed a few students about the semester classes they are taking.


Global Business/Security and Investments/Banking and Financial Services

In these courses you will learn the principles of each topic. As three separate semester classes each provide a unique look into the different aspects of business and financing. Global business looks outside of the U.S. to see how business run on a worldwide scale and how it all connects. Security and investments and banking and financial services look at differents parts of the economy and how it helps in individual life.


Social Media Marketing

One of the newer classes offered, social media marketing teaches students about the job and lifestyle of a social media coordinator as well as learn the basics of marketing. You will give presentations on different social media, platforms, brands, and influences and overall deepen your knowledge about using popular platforms for business use.



Want to learn how to start and run your own business? Entrepreneurship is a class that allows students a window into the world of beginning business, taking you through the steps from product developments all the way through management strategies. You will also learn how to project plan as you work on multiple projects throughout the course.


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