Bryce Ford , Cen10 News Reporter

Is I Like Me Better better than you think? It has its moments. What really sets it apart is its theme.

The song was great. The lyrics went together nicely and had a good message that songs now are lacking. The song is saying how he is a better person because of his girlfriend. The music was also nice; it mixed acoustic guitar and electronic. It is an interesting combo and worked well. Though I liked the song, it didn’t have any special qualities to set it apart. It’s like every other song on the radio. If the song had something that stood out, it would really set it over the top.

The music video paired nicely with the song following the same theme but adding on to it. It was cute and creative and it had symmetry of the couple young and old. It was well done. It has a sort of halo look to it that really sets the upbeat mood. It tugs at the heartstrings.

This is a great song and video. Next time you are on Spotify, check it out. It won’t disappoint.