The Perfect Prom

Ashley Hilton, Cen10 News Reporter

Teenage girls have been looking forward to this day for years and it is finally one day away. All that is on their mind is having every single little thing perfect, so that they can remember this night for the rest of their lives. Here is the key to having the perfect prom.

The dress

Make sure to try on your gown before prom to make sure everything fits perfectly. You can always take it to a tailor to fix any issues.

The shoes

Pick shoes that will compliment your dress. Heels are a way to dress up the gown but if you aren’t used to walking in heels stick to flats.

Tips on wearing heels

  • Buy the size that is the most comfortable.
  • Walk around the store in order to see if you will be able to walk in them for a long period of time
  • Block heels are an alternative to high heels because it provides more support for your feet and are easier to walk in
  • Take a break during the night by either getting off your feet for a bit or taking the heels off.

The jewelry

If the dress is super simple, use jewelry to glam it up and make it more formal. If the dress has a lot of accessories on it, then less jewelry is the way to go.
The jewelry also depends on the neckline of the dress.

  • Off Shoulder- short necklace/bracelet/simple earrings
  • V-neck- earrings/simple necklace/bracelet
  • Sweetheart- earrings/simple necklace/bracelet
  • Halter- earrings/bracelet

The hair

If you are getting your hair done professionally, make sure to make your appointment weeks in advance. If not, there are tons of hairstyles online that are easy enough for you or a friend to do.

The bag

You want something that will compliment your dress and be able to carry all the essentials.
The nails: Whether you’re a nail art frantic or more of a salon girl you’ll want to plan out what design/color you want ahead of time.

Dont forget:

  • Your prom ticket
  • The times of your reservations
  • Ride arrangements
  • A corsage/bouquet
  • Extra money

This night will end up working out perfectly if you relax and focus on the moment without worrying about anything else. Prom can be a stressful yet exciting experience and the most important thing is to let go and have the time of your life with your friends.